The Catholic University of America

Timothy Meagher

Associate Professor of History and University Archivist

Office: Marist 244; Aquinas 101

 Education: B.A., Georgetown University, 1971; M.A., University of Chicago, 1973; Ph.D., Brown University, 1982.

Areas of Research: Irish American History; Ethnic representation in American popular culture; American Catholics in Politics


Book publications include Inventing Irish America: Generation, Class and Ethnic Identity in a New England City, 1880 to 1928 (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame, 2001), The Columbia Guide to Irish American History (Columbia University Press, 2005), an edited collection, From Paddy to Studs: Irish-American Communities in the Turn of the Century Era, 1880 to 1920 (New York: Greenwood Press, 1986) as well as a volume of essays co-edited with Ronald H. Bayor entitled, The New York Irish (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996).

Recent articles include:

  • “Why Irish: Writing Irish American History”, in Alan Kraut and David Gerber, Ethnic Historians and the Mainstream: Shaping America’s Immigration Story (Rutgers University Press, 2013).
  • “Revisiting John Higham’s Strangers in the Land,Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (April 2012)
  • “From the World to the Village and the Beginning to the End: Research Opportunities in Irish American History,” Journal of American Ethnic History (Summer 2009).
  • “Abie’s Irish Enemy: Irish and Jews, Social and Political Realities and Media Representations” in Ruth Barton ed., Screening Irish America (Irish Academic Press: 2009).
  •  “Cops, Priests and the Decline of Irish America: True Confessions, 1981” in Colleen McDannell ed., Catholics in Movies (Oxford University Press, 2007).
  • “The Importance of Being Italian: Representation of Italian Americans in American Movies and Television from the 1960s to the 1990s” in Diner, Barkan and Kraut, eds. Borders, Boundaries and Bonds: America and Its Immigrants in Eras of Globalization (New York University Press, 2007).
  • “The Fireman on the Stairs: Communal Loyalties in the Making of Irish “America” in J.J. Lee and Marion Casey, eds. Making the Irish American: The History and Heritage of Irish in the United States (New York University Press, 2006).


Recent courses taught include:

History 360, United States Immigration and Ethnicity
History 380, The Irish in America
History 673, The Irish in America
History 663, Immigration and Ethnicity in America
History 540, The Famine Irish Immigrants: A Case Study in Immigration
Wash 101, Washington Past and Present